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Rapisurv enables construction management teams/individuals to do their jobs faster.

Rapisurv helps to manage issues, changes, track progress of work, communicate and collaborate with internal and external teams.

Takeoff (Individual or Team)
Create Bill of Quantities
Create Tender
Create & Compare Bids
Manage Estimating Scenarios
Pre-build rates
Award Contracts
Generate invoice on WIP valuation


Rapisurv integrates seamlessly with other systems in your enterprise.


Portfolio Management


Questions you might have.

We’ve put together some frequently asked questions

Rapisurv is a construction industry solution for general contractors, quantity surveyors, estimators, project owners, construction managers, cost engineers, civil engineers, electrical engineers, mechanical engineers, and trades. Rapisurv supports small entities, individuals and large organizations with simple licensing plans.

Rapisurv supports the small companies to successfully work with the big organizations in an integrated system and helps them with leverage of powerful tools for success at a price they can afford. This makes it easier for the bigger organizations to manage construction better without adding too many resources to the back office.
In the pre-construction stage you can takeoff, create bill of quantities, create estimate, create bid, submit bid, if you are the owner you can compare and analyze bids. After the contract is awarded, you can manage issues, and cost, progress of work, milestones valuations, and many more. You can plug Rapisurv in the enterprise landscape and interface with other enterprise systems in your portfolio management, project management, financial and logistics landscape.

Yes. You can activate your collaboration center the first time someone invites you to Rapisurv, you will receive an invite in your email and once you provide the data required to setup your collaboration center, you can start to collaborate on any project by any Rapisurv account owner and you will be able to do whatever you have been given permissions to do.

Yes. You will not be able to create or own a project in Rapisurv without a licensed account, if you are party to any contract and you need to do preconstruction or construction phase processes beyond viewing reports and documents you must have a licensed account. Your access will be limited to the collaboration center if you don’t.

Yes. You can choose the “Standard” plan in our pricing page, this will enable you to takeoff, create bill of quantities, do estimating, create bid and submit bid, it also includes messages, issues, and minutes of meeting. It is good for your preconstruction needs and you can upgrade later when you need other applications and features.

Yes. Rapisurv can be implemented for your specific organization’s requirement, we can have all your custom descriptions and BOMs, required number of teams, users and many other needs of your company or organization. Fill out our “contact sales” form for enterprise license and our team will reach out to understand your requirement and provide necessary support toward implementation of Rapisurv for your organization.

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